We at Aayush Hospital are dedicated to providing top-notch care for patients with diabetes treatment and related conditions. Our team of experts includes diabetologists, nurses, dietitians, and educators, who work together to help patients manage their diabetes and improve their quality of life.

Our services include:

Diabetes Management: We offer comprehensive diabetes care that includes monitoring blood sugar levels, managing medications, providing dietary and lifestyle advice, and addressing any complications that may arise.

Education and Counseling: Our team provides personalized education and counselling on diabetes self-management, including how to monitor blood sugar levels, administer insulin injections, and make lifestyle changes to manage diabetes.

Nutrition Counseling: Our registered dietitians provide tailored nutrition counselling to help patients manage their diabetes and improve their overall health.

Insulin Pump Therapy: We offer insulin pump therapy, which can provide more precise insulin dosing for patients with diabetes and improve their blood sugar control.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM): We offer CGM devices that can monitor blood sugar levels in real time and help patients adjust their insulin doses and lifestyle accordingly.

Pregnancy and Diabetes Care: We provide specialized care for pregnant women with diabetes, including managing blood sugar levels during pregnancy, monitoring fetal growth, and managing any complications that may arise.

Foot and Wound Care: Our team provides specialized care for patients with diabetes-related foot and wound problems, including diabetic neuropathy, foot ulcers, and infections.

Research: In addition to clinical care, our department is actively involved in diabetes research. Our team conducts research studies to improve the understanding and management of diabetes. We are committed to advancing the field of diabetology and improving the lives of people with diabetes.

At our Diabetology department, we are committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients. We work closely with each patient to develop an individualized diabetes treatment plan that meets their unique needs and helps them achieve their health goals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take control of your diabetes.